Security Stack Summer update, moved to Google compute

Summer went by, hopefully you went somewhere nice. SecrutityStacks went to Google!  Over the summer we expanded the versatility of our SaaS platform. We have ported our hosted infrastructure onto the Google Compute Engine. Now we scale up on both Google Compute and

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What is IT Security for SMBs

The increased ease of hacking tools has brought an urgent need for every company to protect their information systems and assets. Their reputation and existence depend on it. The security needs for small companies are the same as the larger

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From Idea to DevOps in 10 mins flat

People are often surprised when I tell them we are developing our Automated Security Platform, on an internal OpenStack Cloud. Those who have tried themselves know the technical hurdles that installing and running an OpenStack environment can pose. While bringing

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SMB’s reality gap, vulnerable and at risk

The National Cyber Security Alliance conducted a study of small businesses. The questions addressed their security practices as well as their thoughts on how vulnerable their business is. The results showed a clear disconnect between the the perceived threat to

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How to view Windows 10 SYSLOG with BaselineStack’s Kibana Dashboard

With the installation of your BaselineStack opvang you are ready to receive windows syslog messages on port TCP 513. This guide will help you configure the Windows systems you want to monitor to send syslog traffic to the listener on

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The Internet is the Network

From a security standpoint there are no truer and yet no scarier words out there. Today’s interconnect world leaves us all at greater risk because of those we are leaving behind. John Gage’s ‘The network is the computer’ quote and

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Do Less Busy Work and More Security

The Chase breach highlighted a seldom understood problem that many of us that have done frontline security are already familiar with. At the enterprise, security engineers are often have one of every type of security tool. But… wait.. isn’t that

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